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Published Monday, June 1, 2020
Kidtivities Summer Crafts 2020

Crafting Fun All Summer Long!

Once again, we'll be doing weekly craft projects all through the summer months. Originally, we planned to host these events at our Edwardsville store. That’s not going to work… So we’ve pivoted to Plan B!

Join us on Facebook, every Tuesday morning at 10am, starting on June 16th.

We’ll be doing the crafts live and offering hints and tips as we go. And because we’re doing the crafts online instead of in the store, you can participate from anywhere!

We’ll have the video available later that day on our blog, in case you can’t join in at 10.

To purchase your kits, call Happy Up Edwardsville = (618) 656-9596
Tell us which store you’d like to use for pickup, Edwardsville or Clayton.

The number of kits available are limited, so don't wait too long to sign up!

Let's make some fun!

Kidtivities Schedule

June 16 at 10am

Handprint Keepsakes

All Ages (with grown-up help)

Cost: $5.00 each

Mix, press in your little one’s hand, and let it dry. Then paint for a special keepsake!

June 23 at 10am

Creative Change

4 yrs & up

Cost: $5.00 each

Small change can lead to big savings! Decorate one of these 3” tall banks to encourage smart money habits. Choose one:

  • Piggy Bank
  • Racecar Bank

June 30 at 10am


4 yrs & up

Cost: $5.00 each

Paint, transfers, and your imagination bring simple rocks to life!

July 7 at 10am

Cool Sticker Art

4 yrs & up

Cost: $5.00 each

Decorate pre-cut stickers with foil, gems, and glitter!

July 14 at 10am

At Home in the Ocean

5 yrs & up

Cost: $5.00 each

Start with the baseplate and build a coral reef, complete with watery residents!

July 21 at 10am

Coloring with Clay

5 yrs & up

Cost: $5.00 each

Take non-drying clay and mold it to the design board. Create 3d textures to bring these creatures to life!

July 28 at 10am

Paint Your Own Turtle

3 yrs & up

Cost: $5.00 each

The pre-cast plaster turtle is so plain… It needs you to make it fancy!

August 4 at 10am

Fun Patterns, Fun Play

5 yrs & up

Cost: $5.00 each

  • Sweet Windmills - Take the pre-cut colorful paper and make a whirlygig!
  • Mosaic Swords - Decorate a cardboard sword with gem stickers

(Each kit contains two windmills or swords.)