Neat Treats: Halloween Little Things!

Published Wednesday, October 19, 2022
A little icky, a little sweet, and under $25!

Your favorite ghosts, ghouls, and haunted souls will soon be prowling the streets, looking for ... TREATS.

As always, Happy Up is here to supply you with a BOO-tiful bounty of funny, weird, slimy, creepy, and cool little things.

Stop by your favorite Happy Up store and load up on toys... 'cause they're always better than candy.

Visit the collection on our shopping site to see some of our top picks. Bonus: they're all under $25.00!

Spooktacular Halloween Treats
Slimes, fidgets, cute little plush... click to see!

Not too late: Costumes And Accessories are Still in Stock!

Find all sorts of super outfits, delightful dresses, capes, cloaks, crowns. And they're all designed to handle everyday play so they'll last well beyond Halloween.

Liontouch swords and shields are expected any day now!

Shop and browse here:

Costumes & Dress Up