Vacation Time for Calico Critters!

Published Wednesday, September 23, 2020
New Calico Critter Playsets with a Woodland Theme!

New Woodsy & Outdoorsy Playsets, Plus A Fashionista's Dream!

We love Calico Critters! Their sweet little outfits, all the little accessories, the hours of imaginative play... And then there's the environments. Detailed houses, play spaces, vehicles, and the super fancy Town series give kids a whole world of possibilities.

When these new sets arrived, we were immediately swept back into our own childhoods. Who didn't want a tree house you could actually live in?

Take a break from this world. Spend some time in the world of Calico Critters. It's so worth it!

New For 2020! Woodland Vacation Sets!

2020 Adventure Tree House Gift Set

Climb to the platform, slide down the slide, ride back up on the elevator/swing!

Adventure Tree House 2020

2020 Lakeside Lodge Gift Set

A vacation cabin for the Calico Critter family! We love the brick grill and marshmallows on skewers. Yum!

Lakeside Lodge 2020

Family Campervan

Let's go on a fishing trip... Everyone into the Campervan! There are seats for seven, bathroom facilities, and loads of accessories. Including an adorable bicycle!

Family Campervan

Also Just Arrived:

Combine the sets!

Calico Critters 2020 New Woodland Themed Sets Together

The Lakeside Lodge can be stacked on top of the Adventure Treehouse platform to create a whimsical and cozy home!

New Calico Critters Town:

Fashion Boutique

Such a fancy storefront! And so many accessories: handbags, jewlrey, outfits, and more. The Calico Critters can hardly wait to go shopping for something special!

More Calico Critter Town Sets Available:

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