Builders, Puzzlers, Makers!

Published Wednesday, December 15, 2021
Make Your Makers Merry! Puzzle Your Puzzlers! Find Their Joy at Happy Up!

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There are some people who are happiest when they get to put things together. They love everything about it... Surveying and organizing the pieces. Working diligently, step by step. And then a happy sigh when they sit back and admire a job well done.

They could be jigsaw puzzle fans. Or tinkerers with an engineering bent. Or the artists and crafters. Give them a pile of supplies and the joy just *shines* off of them.

Presented here: A collection of kits and sets these folks will LOVE!

'Tis the Season for Baking!

Winter Wonderland Deluxe Cookie Decorating Set

Winter Wonderland Deluxe Cookie Decorating Set

6 yrs & up

This isn't wrap for Christmas and wait sort of thing... It's a use it now sort of thing. Not only will you make sweet treats for family and friends, you'll make memories!

This cute set has 12 cookie cutters, frosting bags & tips, and lots of ideas.

Bewilderness Wooden Puzzles

12 yrs & up

Do not dismiss these puzzles because they aren't very big in dimension or piece count. They are insanely tricky!

The mostly abstract images are enough to make any experienced puzzler sweat. Add in the geometric shapes of the pieces and you will feel like you have really accomplished something when it’s all done!

These beautiful wooden puzzles are lovingly made in Washington State.

Looking for more typical jigsaws?

We have lots of lovely choices for Adults, Families, and Kids!

Jigsaws for Adults & Families Kids Jigsaw & Wooden Puzzles

UGears STEM Lab Machines

We’ve shown these off before… But just in case you missed them…

UGears STEM Lab kits contain precisely cut wooden pieces. Without using any glue, kids can create gear-driven functional models. And once they’ve been put together, kids have a deep understanding of how and why the mechanisms work.

We love these!

More STEM kits are here:

Science & STEM

DIY Miniatures

14 yrs & up

Fabric, paper, wood, and more come together to make incredibly detailed scenes! Each kit contains everything you need. You supply the patience, steady hands, and creative impulse!

Hands Craft DIY Miniature Christmas Patio

Christmas Patio

Limited Stock!
Assembled size - 7.8" x 5" x 6.4"

More for the Makers and Crafters

These craft kits are sure to get their creativity working overtime!

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Crafts, Cooking, and Jewelry Kits

And Art sets are here:

Art, Coloring, Drawing, & Painting