Creativity, STEM, and Wood!

Published Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Building objects and building skills!

Feed their Natural Curiosity!

Is there anything better than a builder kind of kid opening a new kit? The concentration. The furrowed brow. Busy fingers nearly a blur as they start to put the pieces together. And then, the satisfied little smile as it's completed.

Highlighted here: a sampling of building kits, with a healthy dose of STEM learning!

Terra Kids Connectors

8 yrs & up

These kits are really unique. First off, you need to go tramping around outside, gathering branches and pieces of wood. Plus leaves and feathers and anything else that catches your eye. Then you use the included hand-drill and connector pieces to *make* things.

It'll turn your next trip to the park or hiking trip into a hunt for craft supplies!

Zig & Go Action Reaction Sets

7 yrs & up

Setting up dominoes to fall... Yeah... that's fun. But what if... What if you added other elements? Things to fall and trigger and roll. Yesssss!!! That would be Rube Goldberg levels of fun!

Djeco has created a series of kits that have all you need to get started on creating chain reactions. The best thing? It's sure to inspire kids to find more items to add to the sequence, making it an ever-changing, ever-evolving lesson in force, motion, and speed!

Smartivity STEM Kits

8 yrs & up

Build a gizmo, then make it work. Smartivity STEM kits guide kids through building, then experimenting with, all sorts of machines. The precision cut wood pieces go together easily. And the results are functional objects!

Play with reflections in a kaleidoscope and crank out a tune (literally!) with a mechanical xylophone. Discover simple animation tricks with the Retroscope. And shoot marbles to experiment with angles and force in a racing game!

Keva Plank Kits

7 yrs & up

KEVA planks are an amazingly simple building toy. They’re wooden planks that measure about 4 ½” long x ¾” wide x ¼” thick. And with them kids build the most amazing constructions.

KEVA Contraptions encourage kids to create ball runs. The Catapult and Trebuchet are an excellent introduction to siege engines!

UGears Mechanical Models

14 yrs & up

UGears has been a favorite at Happy Up for a lot of years now. Their kits are made from high quality wood sheets, precisely laser cut into interlocking shapes and gears.

Once assembled, the parts all work together to create movement. We're especially a flutter over the butterfly!