Eye-Catching Early Learning Games

Published Thursday, April 14, 2022
New Games for three to six year olds!

Games for Pre-K and Early Elementary age kids have a reputation for being ... awful.

Happy Up knows better. We play test our games and can assure you these are FUN. And you may get the older siblings to play, too.

Collected here are some recent arrivals that we just had to share!

All games for your youngest players:

Youngest Gamers

New First Games for Toddlers

Games for ... Toddlers?

Absolutely! They aren't the competitive types of games you'd play with older children. They're more like guided activities that have your little ones work toward a goal. Follow the instructions or make your own rules. No matter how you play, you're building their skills and having fun!

See more Toddler Games here:

First Games for Toddlers

Action Games with Super Mario!

The characters you love from the video games playing in the real world!

Challenge your hand-eye coordination and reaction times with one of these action games!

A note about the Super Mario games:

We think the recommended ages on the boxes are a little ambitious. Some of them will be *very* challenging for younger children, especially the Maze Game DX.

More Spring Arts & Crafts Just Arrived!

We were hoping these would arrive in time for our blog post a few weeks ago. Alas, they did not. But they’re here now and we don’t want you to miss them!

Spring Crafts
Djeco Inspired By, Marvling Bros Mini Cross Stitch kits, and Tandem Green Amazing Drawings and Stories Kits