Floofy Woofers & Other Furry Friends!

Published Friday, November 12, 2021
Douglas Cuddle Toys - Celebrating 65 Years!

We are Flush With Douglas Plush Stuffed Animals!

Douglas stuffed animals are known and loved around the world for creating realistic plush creatures. They pay close attention to fur texture and the little details that matter so much. From a curious tilt to a head to carefully chosen fur patterns, Douglas cuddle toys are favorites for good reason!

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Douglas Plush

Several of these snuggly friends went on a field trip to see the sights around Edwardsville.


Puppers and Good Doggos

If you can't do a new REAL puppy for your little animal lover, these are the next best thing!

Shown here:

  • Buttercup the Doodle Mix Pup
  • Maizie the DLux Australian Shepherd
  • Penny the Red Pomsky
  • Hardy the Bulldog

Shown here:

  • Prince the German Shepherd
  • Felix the Golden Retriever
  • Hamilton the Pug
  • Phoebe the White Pomsky

Fantastic and Furry!

Snuggle up with one of these mythical creatures!

Shown here:

  • Obie the Softie Blue Dragon
  • Mia the Gray Unicorn
  • Flo the DLux Sasquatch
  • Nella the Pink Unicorn
  • Lilac the French Bulldog Fur Fuzzle

Farm and Forest Friends!

Hug a cow or snuggle a skunk!

Shown here:

  • Scottie the Highland Cow Softie
  • Samson the Clydesdale
  • Mellie the Moose Softie
  • Striper the Skunk

Wild Darlings

The sweetest creatures in the Jungle!

Shown here:

  • Zahara the DLux White Tiger
  • Simon Sloth
  • Quentin the Monkey
  • Lottie the Leopard Softie

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