Get Swept Away by Disney Lorcana’s Second Series!

Published Saturday, November 11, 2023

If you thought the First Chapter of Disney Lorcana TCG (Trading Card Game) completely reimagined Disney animation characters, just wait until you meet the Floodborn!

The second set of Disney Lorcana features over 200 original cards with brand new artwork.

Disney Lorcana Second Set: Rise of the Floodborn

The Rise of the Floodborn begins with an explosion at the Great Illuminary. A massive flood of Inks is released, mixing and creating chaos throughout the Inklands. Glimmers (aka Disney characters and items) that encounter this surge of mixed inks are transformed in amazing new ways.

Treasured Lore (objects of power) like King Triton’s trident have been swept away and are scattered.

The Floodborn Glimmers must now quest across the land to find the lost Lore. As an Illumineer, do you accept the challenge? Will you bring your Glimmers together to find these objects before they fall into the wrong hands?

There’s a new ability on some Floodborn cards: Resist. This ability will reduce any damage opposing players try to inflict on your Glimmer.

And Songs from Disney Animation movies are included as action cards!

If you already have cards from Disney Lorcana’s First Chapter, you can combine your existing deck with the new Rise of the Floodborn cards.

To learn more about The First Chapter and game mechanics, visit our blog post:

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