Made in the States and Eco-Friendly!

Published Tuesday, June 8, 2021
Green and Made in the USA!

Here at Happy Up, we keep our eyes peeled for the best toys on the planet. And how do we feel when amazing toys are made in the United States? Delighted!

And when the manufacturers have a strong focus on sustainability and eco-conscious production? Absolutely Giddy!

Featured here, three companies that deserve a turn in the spotlight. All three are focused on sustainability while making things that are FUN.

Win Win!

Bunny Hopkins Wobble Boards

There is something absolutely irresistible about simple wood, worked well, and finished with care and attention. Bunny Hopkins is a manufacturer that knows this. Their wobble boards are absolutely beautiful and made from sustainably sourced hardwoods.

Here’s their statement about their ethos:

“Bunny Hopkins toys are hand-manufactured in the USA. We do not use any non-USA materials or labor...

...Bunny Hopkins pays a living wage, right here in the US. The people who work here are highly skilled and you would see that reflected in each wobble board made by us....

At Bunny Hopkins, all our products are natural. So, we do not have a plastic footprint. We sustainably source and make our toys out of fast-growing American trees that grow in the Appalachian Mountains. These trees are a renewable resource. And with our partnership with One Tree Planted, we plant trees in the Appalachian region as a part of our sustainability responsibility.”

Bunny Hopkins is located in Marietta, Georgia.

Green Toys

An absolute favorite! Green Toys make the kinds of toys kids recognize and love immediately. Their product line includes everything from dump trucks to tea sets. They have shape sorters, tub toys, boats, airplanes, and rocket ships. All made from recycled milk jugs!

One of the things we love to point out is that they are incredibly sturdy and will last for years. Plus it’s dishwasher safe and food grade plastic! So that set of dishes? You can really serve a meal!

Here’s their philosophy:

“Our products demonstrate that recycling can result in something tangible and meaningful. Our toys are living proof that milk jugs, just like the ones in your refrigerator and recycling bin, can ultimately end up back in your playroom. This helps close the loop for kids because they can see their own environmental efforts in action.

We believe that the best way to encourage environmental change is through goods people buy and use every day—and in our case that’s children’s products.

We care about your kids – how they play, what they play with, and what the future holds. We are constantly exploring and innovating to deliver the best products possible for a playful planet for all.”

Green Toys is located in San Leandro, California.

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American Bubble Company / BubbleTree

We mentioned this product line a few weeks ago. And it is *definitely* one of those “why didn't I think of that??” kind of things. A box of bubble solution with a tap. So you can refill your bubble bottles easily. That happen to be aluminum so they’re washable, reusable, and recyclable. So smart!

And the bubble solution itself? All of the ingredients are on the EPA’s safer chemical ingredients list. It’s free of parabens, formaldehyde, NPEs, phthalate, DEAs, and sulfates. So it’s kind to your kids’ skin as well as the planet!

Here’s their statement:

“American Bubble Company was developed by toy industry veterans who saw a void in the marketplace for American made products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. …

BubbleTree introduces the very first patent pending eco-friendly sustainable bubble system that is made in the USA. The convenient refillable bubble system box is designed to be easy to use, easy to store and has the durability to last all season long.

The bubble solution that we formulated is a safer bubble solution that will produce the best performing and most vibrant bubbles you will ever see. The aluminum bubble bottles are custom designed to ergonomically fit into a child’s hand and the proprietary soft coated texture makes for a non-slip grip. After decades of trial and error, we have perfected the wand. The multi-ring design allows for maximum output of bubbles without having to use a lot of bubble solution.

American Bubble Company is proud to have constructed a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Our facility is equipped with high quality American made machinery that has been custom built for speed and accuracy so we can use less energy and create less waste.“

American Bubble Company is located in Commerce, California.

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