Pre-K Game Play!

Published Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Early Learner Games Everyone Will Want to Play!

Fun (and secretly educational) games for those too-hot-staying-inside days!

Psst... Hey... Can you keep a secret? We've got games for little kids that you won't hate. And are educational. And we promise the kids will want to play them!

A new game could be just the thing for those stuck-inside-too-hot days.

(If you need games for older kids, we've got those too.)

Games By Category

Recent Arrivals For Pre-K Kids!

Unicorn Glitterluck Games

Sparkly gems, cute unicorn characters, interesting game mechanics... love!

Spot It Jr game

Spot It Jr - Animals

2 - 8 players, 4 yrs & up

All the fun of the original Spot It, made a bit easier for younger players!

Spot It Jr - Animals

Cooperative Games

Everyone works together for a common goal. These are excellent games for little ones to practice social skills and communicating with each other. Plus they're fun!

Disney Eye Found It Game from Ravensburger

Disney Eye Found It

1 - 6 players, 4 yrs & up

Work together to beat the clock! Can you find the hidden items on the game board? And make sure you've got the floorspace for this one... The game board is 6 feet long!

Disney Eye Found It
Snug as a Bug in a Rug Cooperative Game from Peaceable Kingdom

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

2 - 4 players, 3 yrs & up

Tuck all the bugs in before the stinkbugs show up!

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

More Cooperative Favorites:


Alphabet Bingo from Peaceable Kingdom

Alphabet Bingo

2 - 6 players, 4 yrs & up

The classic game with an alphabet twist!

Alphabet Bingo

Memory Game

Seek-A-Boo from Mindware

Seek A Boo

2 or more players, 18mo & up

A seek and find memory game for your youngest players!

It's a constant favorite at the Happy Up stores.


Get The Wiggles Out Game

Pk duck duck dance box 1200x800

Duck Duck Dance

2 or more players, 2 yrs & up

Roll the over-sized dice and make up a new dance!

Duck Duck Dance