Resolution: Stress Less & Play More!

Published Thursday, January 7, 2021
Clearer Skies and Brighter Days Ahead!

We made it! It's 2021!

While it feels like everyone has sighed with relief, the change in the calendar won't automatically make everything better. Normal. Easier. That's going to take some time and some effort. And yowza... where to find the energy for that?

Through Play!!

Play recharges your batteries. We know how important it is for children. But do you know how important it is for adults? It's just as important.

Just like sleep, play helps to reset our brains and emotional responses. It creates space for creativity. It lightens our loads. And it doesn't have to be a sport or a game. Play is anything you enjoy doing wholeheartedly.

A definition of play for grownups:

  • Any activity where the process/experience is the main point and more important than the end goal.
    Hiking, reading a book, or taking the kids to the zoo are all examples of play.
  • Any activity where you lose track of time. Where your sole focus is the activity.
    Working on a jigsaw puzzle, building a music playlist, or scrapbooking are all examples.
  • Any activity where you delight in the shared abilities and strengths of the people around you.
    Team sports, board games with the family, and volunteer work are all examples.

We all have the chance to play every day. You just have to recognize the type of play that feeds you, and make the space for it to happen.

So make a resolution you'll be happy to keep:

Play More for Less Stress!