Zippy The RC is a Very Speedy Soul

Published Monday, December 9, 2019
RC gifts for speedsters

Zippity Zip Zip,
Look at RC Go!

Gifts That Gotta Zoom

Remote controlled vehicles are so thrilling!

Mastering their controllers, figuring out how to operate them at full speed without wrecking... They're the kind of gift that will keep your adrenaline seekers busy when the weather turns ucky.

Our favorites for this Holiday Season listed (in no particular order) below!

Skyline X Force Motion Control Drone

8 yrs & up

Skyline X Force Motion Control Drone

Little quad drone you control with a flick of the wrist!

Auto Moto RC Robot Car

8 yrs & up

Auto Moto RC Transforming Car To Robot

Transform from car to robot and back again!

Hoverquad Mini RC Vehicle

5 yrs & up

Hoverquad Mini RC from Mindscope

RC stunt car for young drivers. Two colors/frequencies available, so get both and race!

Marble Racers Remote Control Cars

5 yrs & up

Marble Racers RC Cars

Off in a flash RC cars! LED lights make these a treat to race in the dark.

Power Drivers

3 yrs & up

A police car and service trucks you can build... then watch them go!

Hyper Runner Stunts

8 yrs & up

Hyper Runner Stunts from Mukkikim

Teeny and insane RC runners!

Star Wars Jedi Training Heliball

8 yrs & up

Star Wars Jedi Training RC Heliball

There is no try, only do or do not.