Dazzling and Unexpected!

Published Friday, December 13, 2019
Gift so Cool Even Your Teens Will Coo!

Brilliant Gift Ideas that are Real Surprises!

Room decor. Furniture. Things so cool they didn't know they existed, so they didn't ask for them... Making these gifts a total surprise!

And then there's the show stoppers. Remember the thrill of seeing a BIG box all wrapped up? Especially when you didn't put anything that massive on your wish list? That was a great feeling. Here's your chance to create that anticipation for someone else!

Many of the large items are in stock at our Edwardsville store only. But we can always bring them to Clayton for you!

Surprising and Cool

Sherpa Sleeping Bags

Sherpa Sleeping Bags from iScream

So furry, cozy, and cuddly!

Q Ba Maze 2.0

Q Ba Maze 2.0 from Mindware

Next Level Marble Mazing!

For 6 yrs & up

Q Ba Maze 2.0

Hippopotamus Ride On

Hippopotamus Ride On from Janod

Indoors or out, a tots new favorite friend!

Hippo Ride On

Room Decor

Electric Jellyfish Mood Light

Electric Jellyfish Mood Light from Fascinations

All the ooohs and aaahs of an aquarium, without the hassle!

Jellyfish Mood Light

Yogibo Seating

Yogibo Loungers

New this year: The Lounger! Perfect for gaming.

Giant Unicorn & Dinosaur Mood Lights

Giant Unicorn and Dinosaur Mood Lights from iScream

LED color shifting lights brighten dark corners!
Dinosaur is 10.5" tall, Unicorn is 11.75"

Aquaglow Jellyfish Bower Hideaway

Aquaglow Jellyfish Bower from Hearthsong

Gauzy canopy or play space!

Large Scale Playthings

Hape Playful Furniture

Pianos, easels, doll houses, and BIG play environments!

Hape Playful Furniture

Pack & Play Cases

Doll & Vet Carriers from ASweets

Cute environments that double as storage!

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