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RC gifts for speedsters
Zippy The RC is a Very Speedy Soul
Dec 9, 2019

Gifts That Gotta Zoom!

A Veritable Rainbow of Sounds!
Hark! Musical Must-Haves!
Dec 4, 2019

Strike a Bright Note with These Items!

Handmade = Heartfelt
Make Your Gifts &/or Gifts For Makers
Dec 2, 2019

Kits and sets for crafty kiddos!

Never Know What You'll See at Happy Up!
Always An Adventure!
Nov 29, 2019

Small Business Saturday: Shop Local and Save!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving All!
Nov 27, 2019

We are so very thankful for ...

Unicorn Holiday Ornaments
All That Glitters and Gleams and Shines...
Nov 25, 2019

Celebrate the Season with Unique Ornaments and Snow Globes!

Date Night is Dec. 13th, 6 - 8 pm at Happy Up Edwardsville
Shop and Play Late? It's a Date!
Nov 20, 2019

You're Invited to Date Night at the Toy Store

Take 'em to the streets!
The Gifts Are Rolling In!
Nov 17, 2019

Eye Catching Ride-Ons