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Clayton's New Location Now Open! 8103 Maryland Ave!
Now Open! Happy Up Clayton's New Location!
Apr 6, 2022

We're now at 8103 Maryland Ave --> Right next door to our old spot!

Creativity is in full bloom!
Spring-Wonderful Crafts!
Apr 1, 2022

Easter Basket Ideas for Artsy Kids... And May Travel Well!

Bunnies galore and so much more! Get yours before they hop out the door!
Easter Bunnies Galore!
Mar 23, 2022

Springtime Plush and Stuffed Animals To Hug and Love!

Celebrating Bugs and Blooms
Mar 18, 2022

And Natural Discoveries!

Timio playtime is child led and screen free.
Toddler News Alert: Timio has Arrived!
Mar 14, 2022

Screen Free Audio System for Tech Savvy Tots!

Scooters, Kites, Bike Lights, and so much more!
Be Prepared For Outdoor Play!
Mar 9, 2022

Spring is here and we are ready!

Happy Up's Spring Playbook
2022 Spring Catalog Sneak Peek!
Mar 2, 2022

It's mailing out and arriving soon!

Exciting New Arrivals!
Feb 23, 2022

Unique and 100% fresh!